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Party secretary of Chongqing visited Jinguan

Writer:AlexNumber of visits: Date:2016-03-21

On Feburary 25 2016, a team led by the Sun Zhengcai (member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and party secretary of Chongqing), along with the party secretary of Bishan district Wu Daofan, visited Jinguan.

Jinguan's president Sun Lu and CEO Duan xiao have received the team, and led a tour in Jinguan's office and production facilities.

Secretary Sun was especially interested in seeing Jinguan's luxury van product line and the camping van product line, and has given high-prise to Jinguan's products. Secretary Sun expressed that the goverment will increase its support to Jinguan in policies in order to expedite Jinguan's development, and hopes that Jinguan will seize the great opportunities presented by today's economic and market environment to focus on innovation, so as to grow as the leading company of China'a RV industry.

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