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Jinguan Auto at International RV and Camping exhibition in Beijing

Writer:AlexNumber of visits: Date:2016-04-06


From March 24 to March 27, the 12th International RV and Camping exhibition was held in the RV Exhibition Center in Beijing. During the show, being exhibited were more than 1,000 RV models as well as countless camping equipment made by manufacturers from China as well as overseas. As the leading manufacture company in China, Jinguan has participated in the show with 3 new products -- BLCN 524 motorhome, Jinguan Shenglu Lingte motorhome, and Jinguan Camping cavaran.




The 12th International RV and Camping exhibition was planned by RV World and 21RV (a member of the RV industry commision of China Automobile Association), in cooperation with Beijing RV Exhibition Co. Ltd. It was one of the largest international RV shows in China.Its participants include many of the biggest names of the industry.


Jinguan has shown 3 new products in the show. These new products covered the 3 main product categories of the mainstream market -- type A motorhome, type B motorhome and camping caravan. The following are the details of these 3 new models.


1. Jinguan BLCN 524 motorhome



The BLCN 524 is designed in cooperation with German designers. It uses Sprinter 524 chassis from Mercedes-Benz. The body is assembled in Chongqing from parts mainly imported from Germany. Its apperance is one of the typical German-style. It is as most German products, both practical, reliable, easy-to-use and stylish. As the premium model of Jinguan's RV product line, Jinguan has focus on every detail of the design, and production. The end result represents the highest standards of the RV industry in China.





2. Jinguan Shenglu Lingte 324 motorhome




Jinguan Shenglu Lingte 324 motorhome is based on Sprinter 324 chassis made by Mercedes-Benz. It is less than 6m long, which means that it can be operated by drivers with C-license. The design of the vehicle focuses on the optimization of the layout, and to provide maximum comfort with limited interior space. Its interior space can be divided into 3 areas -- driver area, living-room area, and recreational area. It can provide convenience and luxury experience for a family on the road. The well-designed and thoughrally-tested water system ensures reliable water supply for cooking, showering and other uses. It is especially suitable for long-distance travel and camping in the wild.



3. Jinguan Shenglu Camping Caravan




Jinguan Shenglu Camping Caravan is the latest caravan model of Jinguan's RV product line. With its 9550mm length, it can provide maximum funcationalities and spacious living experience. The comfort it provides is comparable to that of a luxury hotel room. Its appearance adopted a European-style, which is both modern and stylish.



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