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Jinguan brings flares to the 18th Chongqing Automobile Show

Writer:AlexNumber of visits: Date:2016-06-24
From June 7 to 13 2016, the 18th Chongqing Automobile Show was held at the Yuelai Exhibition Center.
Jinguan has brought its major RV products to the show which have garnered enthusiastic applause from the visiter with its luxurious appearances and practical designs. Jinguan's stands in the Central Hall and the N4 Luxury Hall have attracted many visiters.
Shenglu Zunshen S800
Shenglu Zunshen S800D
Shenglu Houjue S800
Shenglu BLCN
Through this show, Jinguan has significantly increased its reputation and raised its brand image, and also received many orders from the visiters. Although the show has ended, but the promotional discounts are still continuing. Any interested customer can contact us for the details.

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