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Jinguan brings major new models to the 12th RV China Auto Salon

Writer:AlexNumber of visits: Date:2016-11-22

The 12th RA China Auto Salon was held in Shanghai Expo Center from October 21 to 23. Jinguan has brought its major new models to the show.

This event is one of the biggest trade show in the industry, which promotes communication between major players. Jignuan's products have garnered overwhelming applaus.



Jinguan has also been elected as the co-chair company of the Automobile Trader Comminission of China, and Automobile Customization Industry Development Commission, and has been awarded the Golden Monkey Price in 2016.


Since its foundation, Jinguan Auto has been pushing forward the automobile conversion standards in China, aiming to provide its customer with the best products possible. Therefore, Jinguan is always looking forward to establishing cooperation with parties with the same goal.

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