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  • Name: 2-class Metal Bullet-proof Helmet
  • No.: FDTK03
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My company has been focusing on the research and development of bulletproof products , our company is the Ministry of Public bulletproof helmet first shortlisted companies engaged in the production of bulletproof helmet 10 years, has been pushing Chen innovation has been recognized major authority.
My company's bulletproof helmet using the latest international fixed suspension and emergency relief devices , wear comfortable and stable , can meet a variety of head shape and head circumference size of personnel wear use the emergency release buckle convenient solution . With anti- bomb effect, light weight , waterproof, shockproof , comfortable to wear and so on.
Golden Delicious composite helmets and bulletproof helmet into two kinds of steel helmets .
My company's bulletproof mask lighter, high transmittance , and good high temperature performance, easy to break
Our ballistic helmets and masks perform GA293-2001 " police bulletproof helmets and masks " standard.
Golden Delicious bulletproof helmets and masks have passed the national quality inspection authority .

Product Code


protection area ( m 2 )


reference weight

≤ 2.1 kg



bulletproof level


bulletproof Type

anti- 54 -style 7.62 mm pistol fired 51 type 7.62 mm handgun ( Lead ) penetration